Greetings Terrans, and Happy Arbitrary Commencement of a New Planetary Orbit of Sol! I hope you are all happy & healthy, and that you had a good break & relaxation time. I certainly did – probably ate too much, but certainly no regrets 😊

I did manage to get through the remainder of the Cursed City minis in fairly short order, but I’m going to drip-feed you the pics because I’m anticipating a busy time & a corresponding lack of blog material in the coming weeks… I’m deliberately keeping my powder dry so to speak, and no big end of year recap from me either this year – I’m just too damn busy!

So, without further waffle, let’s get stuck into the Heroes of the set. They all fall in to classic RPG tropes, so for no particular reason, let’s get started with the Clericy/Wizardy-types.

First up, it’s ‘Cleona Zeitengale’:

Cleona’s a funny old model – having both arms outstretched makes her a bugger to photograph, and that strange doofy on the back is just weird and awkward… So awkward in fact that I, (unusually for me), actually painted her in sub-assemblies just so I could do a tidy job of it. Also, annoyingly, one of the dangly doo-dabs on her headdress broke off during the build, and was soooo fiddly that it couldn’t be fixed… I just trimmed the other one off to match.

I followed the studio scheme fairly closely, albeit with different colours, and I’m pretty pleased with how she came out. I didn’t bother with the runes on the back-ribbons, but I did have some fun with the orb on the staff, and with a spot of magic glow on her left hand. All in all, a nice mini to paint, even if she is a bit awkward.


Next up, it’s ‘Octren Glimscry’:

Octren is another strange mini – the long swooshy beard is just a bit OTT for my taste, to the point where I really toyed with the idea of trimming it! In the end I stuck with the model as-is, though I’m not sure how durable that impressive facial hair will be, overhanging the base as it does!

Again, I kinda stuck with the studio paint scheme, but went a darker, grittier feel. The main departure from the ‘official’ scheme was to use gold to make it very obvious that the ‘face’ is actually a mask, and the use of a darker tone of skin, (the closeness of skin tone & mask colour really bothers me on the studio version, so I was keen to not make the same ‘mistake’). A bit of fancy painting for the orb on the end of the staff finishes the look for a very enjoyable paint job… I liked painting this guy so much that I’m keen to do a 40k version of Octren… Replacing that beard with some cabling, and making the staff a bit more techy would make for a superb Administratum character I reckon.


Anyway, that’s your lot for today – bugger off but do swing by next week and I’ll have another couple of heroes to share 😊

Stay safe, Happy New Year, and catch you all soon.