Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I have another brace of heroes from the Cursed City game to show you this evening. Again, these kinda-sorta follow well established dungeon crawling tropes, with both of these being solid support-type characters.

First up, the Dwardin, the Duandin, the bloody DWARF Dagnai Holdenstock:

I really wasn’t looking forward to painting this Steampunk Dorf, but boy, did I misjudge – this stocky little bugger was a joy and a pleasure to paint! There are loads of fun little details to pick out, but nothing that was too tricky or irritating. I’m really happy with the colour scheme, and I enjoyed the chance to paint that glass flask on his back-pack furnace thingy. I also tarnished up a lot of the metal – not very Dwarven perhaps, but I want to suggest that a) Dagnai has been adventurin’ for a good long while, and b) the Cursed City takes its toll on everything…


Next up the Alf, the Aeilf, the shitting ELF Qualthis the Exile:

This was a really nice mini to paint up, though the model itself was a pain in the bum to handle – I managed to snap her off at the foot, so that had to be pinned and repaired before I could do anything. Once I actually got down to the painting, I knew I wanted to do something different to the standard Elven-green studio paint job. I remembered reading something somewhere about using a seasonal palette to set different tones for elves, so I went more Autumnal in my choice of colours & tones. I also stuck with gold for the metals, and, unlike the Dwarf, I didn’t use corrosion to suggest decay. Instead, I rely on the naturalistic Autumn tones to get the same message across, and I’m really pleased with how she came out.

And that’s it for another post – we’re on the home stretch with this project now, and I hope to catch you all next week for the penultimate Cursed City post 😊