Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I’m renewing my efforts to keep on top of my blog so let’s get another set of Vamps out there!

First up, the rather snappily titled ‘Belladamma Volga, First of the Vyrkos’:

As with Lauka Vai last week, Belladamma is more of a mini-diorama than a stand-alone figure, and was a real joy to paint. As is now usual, I started out with Contrast paints for a basecoat, and applied shading, highlighting, drybrushing, etc. I also had a little play at putting some irradiance effects into her feathered shoulder thingy:

The whole thing was a beauty to paint with the wolves being particularly fun, but Belladama, rightly, is the star of the show. Honestly, I think this is one of the best minis in already strong stable, and I heartily recommend this if anyone is looking for a nice painterly project :-)


Next up is ‘Radukar, the Beast’:

This mini represents an evolution (devolution?) of the version of Radukar that we met in the Cursed City boxed set. He is another big piece/mini diorama and is a lovely thing to paint, but I thought the little dude with the cup of blood was a bit goofy, and that alone places it slightly below Belladamma in my estimation. Still, The Beast is a very satisfying project for anyone that fancies it – my only recommendation is to paint the little bastards first if possible – they are a sod to get at once the whole thing is assembled.

That’s it for now – catch you next time!