Greetings Terrans, I have more Vampiric goodies to share with you today – I was going to spread these out over several posts, but I’m starting to get myself all mixed up over what to share and when… I’m just going to get all these out there in the name of simplification – it’s a bit of a photo dump, but there isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said about the Vamps we have seen so far – hopefully you’ll just sit back and enjoy the show :-)

Fist up is three different versions of the Commemorative Series mini ‘Anasta Malkorion, Vampire Lord’:

The conversions were fun, and I found that Daughters of Khaine bits fit in quite nicely. I really like the thought of a Vampire archer… quite edgy in a world where a wooden stake through the heart is a sore subject!


Next we have ‘Kritza the Rat Prince’:

Great model to paint, but a bugger to photograph…


Next is Lady Annika, the Thirsting Blade:

Brilliant model, a real pleasure to paint.


Next is the generic Vampire Lord mini:

He’s a good enough model, but I just couldn’t take the stupid hair bats seriously & so they had to go :-)


Next is a 3D printed Vampire from Mark at HeresyofUs:

He was fun to paint, though I found the detail to be a bit too soft to do a great job with Contrast paints. Still the wet-blending was nice, and he is a worthy addition to the Vamp crew.


Next is the now out-of-production Warhammer Underworlds Crimson Court:

Brilliant models – I have no idea why GW took them out of production! If you get a chance to grab some then I strongly urge you to do so!


Talking of out-of-production, I used some Birthday money (thanks M&D!!) to grab a set of Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard when I spotted them on the GW ‘last chance to buy’ page:

Again, brilliant models, and I specifically painted them to go well with the Crimson Court… notice how tall the Vamps are compared to the human skellies!


Oh, and I also turned the alternate torso & head from Lauka Vai into a themed objective marker:


And finally, here’s the whole Vampire family group shots:

Phew!! And that’s all folks – well done for sticking with it! You are now up to date with everything Vampire related in my hobby world.

Next up, strap in for a journey into the Eightpoints as the lure of Chaos finally claims my soul…