Greetings Terrans, just a quicky from me today – been horribly busy of late, so not much done in the way of hobby. However, my pal Mark from Heresyofus has sent me a thing that I’m absolutely thrilled with. You might recall that Mark is a real-life Hephaestus with the old 3D printing, and he has produced some cracking stuff to support and enrich several of my projects, (including Kulo’s Castle and Talos!). Well now he is turning his hand to computer generated 2D art as well.

Inspired by my Realm of Warcry project and using a program called Midjourney AI, along with Photoshop, he gone done this for me:

Now I don’t know about you, but this has brought the whole Chaos aspect of the project bang into focus in a way that just isn’t possible with minis… This is what is in my head when am painting, and I absolutely love that Mark has been able to capture that on ‘paper’.

Thanks Mark, you are a star.