Greetings Terrans, I hope this finds you well. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog this year you’ve probably got the gist of this Realm of Warcry thingy I’ve gotten in to, but as here’s a quick recap.

Firstly, the (late 80s) Realm of Chaos books are awesome books, especially for randomly generating a Chaos Warband, but the period models are expensive, the rules of that era clunky, and basically I never got around to doing RoC warbands back in the day. New rulesets like Warcry are very slick, and suitable models are readily available and easy to convert, so I figured a mash-up of the old books for warband generation, and the new Warcry rules and minis would be a winning combo. My first warband using this method was that of Scynir the Architect, Champion of Tzeentch, and was an absolute blast to work on.

I’ve taken Scynir as far as I want to for the time being, so I wanted to start a new band, but this time I managed to convince 3 friends to join in with me! We’ve borrowed a bit from the whole ‘tale of 4 warlords’ thing, and have agreed to roll up one Champion each, along with 5 rolls on the Followers tables. This gives us six ‘rolls’ to paint, one per month, starting in September. We agreed to not be super-strict on sticking to the rolls as we’re all busy people & didn’t necessarily have the time or energy to make and paint anything too weird and wonderful, but we did all stay fairly close. We all either rolled or chose Nurgle as our power, and we all rolled up our total warband so we could split boxes of minis, kick around ideas and so on. The rolling ‘rules’ were that the Champion got one roll on the ‘Attributes’ table and one ‘Gifts of Nurgle’ roll. The five ‘Followers’ rolls could be rerolled if it got repetitive or if you rolled something you just didn’t fancy doing. The scene was set for the fun to begin!

First things first, this is what I rolled up:

Champion: Chaos Dwarf Wizard, Moronic & with Biting Tongue

Followers: 3 Human deserters, 3 Pestigors, 2 Pestigors, 6 Orcs, 1 human mage with 3 cultists (full disclosure, rolls 4 and 5 were also Pestigors, but I rerolled because I wanted some variety)

Next step for me was to buy what I needed, & get things built & primed. The 6 month challenge spans winter, and I didn’t want to risk a crappy undercoat. Then it was just a case of painting my Champion in the month of September…

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Morbin Festertongue, the Thrice-Infested Corruptor of the Secrets of Sigyorn!


I converted this guy out of a Fyreslayer ‘Auric Runemaster’ with bits from one of the Wurmspat warriors & the Plaguebearer kit, plus some gribbles from the old Possessed kit. The Biting Tongue (gift of Nurgle) was easy enough to represent, but the Moronic attribute was a bit of a head scratcher… In the end I kinda settled on him being infested with some nasty parasite that exerts a measure of control over the host, essentially putting poor Morbin in the passenger seat at times. I’m not sure if that eye-tentacle thingy really gets this idea across, but that was the intent :-/

Believe it or not, this is the first Nurgle thing I have ever painted up, and boy, did I have fun! I do enjoy a messy painting style as most of you know, so this was right up my street.

Anyway, that’s all for now, plenty more to look forward to on this project! Cheers :-)