Greetings Terrans, I hope this finds you well. I have another quick update on my progress through the Blackstone Fortress set to share, and this one is a bit of a tale of two halfs… First up, I tackled the four Ur-Ghuls in the set:

I did some light conversion work to differentiate them from each other, and the painting was some super-quick and very enjoyable blending work with Contrasts. I stole the ‘fade to dark on the extremities’ idea from several other talented painters, and can take no credit for that :-)


Now, as much as the Ur-Ghuls were a pleasure to paint, this next quartet were the absolute opposite… I didn’t think much of the electro nob-head models before, but after painting them I actively dislike them! Still, done is done:

Folks that know these minis will notice that I chopped all the silly head tentacles off in an attempt to clean up these messy buggers… I’ve had some limited success in that regard perhaps, but there is no getting away from just how fussy these things are… Nope, definitely not my faves, and I painted them with as much enthusiasm as I could muster… i.e. not a lot.


Finally, and finishing on a good note, I got this dude done:

He was great fun to paint, and looks good with his mate wot I painted up before:


And that’s all for today! Next post will be another Realm of Warcry post – me and the other droogs taking part are having a game of Warcry over Zoom tomorrow, a 4 way Champ-off as it were :-)

I’ll let you know how it went & will include some pics of their Champions.

Laters Potaters