Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I have a quick update on the Realm of Warcry campaign that I’m running for those that are interested, plus the long-promised photos of the rival Chaos Champions!

So, we got together virtually as a group for our first game last week via Zoom. This basically involves us pushing little dots around a digital map & rolling dice in the background – not quite as good as a proper tabletop game because there are no lovely minis & terrain to enjoy, but it is still great fun & a good way to keep four busy people connected over a game! It wouldn’t work well for a big battle-type game, and really suits a skirmish & players to whom fractions of an inch don’t matter too much. I have successfully used this approach to play skirmish level games based Frostgrave rules, Rangers of Shadowdeep, and now Warcry.

The game itself was a typical starting scenario where the four Champions converged on a chaos alter in the heart of the ‘Tainted Wound’, (an area of the Gnarloak Forest where Chaos warbands tend to hang out apparently). We got stuck in to some mook-killing and treasure grabbing a la Frostgrave, before turning against each other in a final bloodbath to claim the main central objective… (well.. that’s what three of us did – Steve’s champion, noted for his speed, rushed into the mid-table on his lonesome & was killed real bad on turn 2…). Once the dust had settled, my doughty Chaos Dwarf was the only Champin left standing, and other than Mark’s champ having a concussion, we all got through the post-game rolls with no issues.

A note on the post-game stuff, I did a bespoke post-game that is basically a mashup of the best bits of the Warcry post-game stuff, with an additional Realm of Chaos phase bolted on. For this to work, I basically rewrote all of the main RoC tables to make them work in Warcry… Yes, including the Attributes table! It was a fair chunk of work, but quite enjoyable once I got into it.


Anyway, let’s go meet the Champions properly!

You’ve already met my guy – Morbin Festertoungue, Moronic, with a Biting Toung, and gifted a Familiar of Nurgle following his victory:


Next is Steve’s guy – Morkian Dewcaller, a fever-addled Elven Mage sworn to Nurgle, with a Hunchback, & Face of Nurgle:

Steve also got a Chaos Steed reward after the first game, so he gets to make a new version of his champ if he likes!


This is Mark’s Champ – Bloabech Wormfinger, human mage, with Horns of Nurgle and Additional Eye, carrying a concussion into the next game:


Finally, Ross’ Champion – Slumpsha Swampstrider, Chaos Orc Champion and a total beat-stick, with Long Legs and a Nurgling Infestation:

Ross also got a Chaos Spawn follower after our first game.


Aren’t they brilliant? I can’t wait to get them on a table for real :-)

Anyway, that’s all for this post, but more to follow on this project… We’re aiming for a game a month (either in RL or virtual) so I’ll try and do a round-up of that, plus showing off new additions to my own warband. Should be fun!