Well, obviously ‘Treat’ :-)

Greetings Terrans, second post in two days eh? Spoiling you lot rotten I am! I had a bit of time free this weekend & was looking for something to paint, when I remembered that I had the ‘Exiled Dead’ underworlds set primed and ready to go. Seemed like an auspicious weekend to tackle them, so that’s exactly what I did.

They are a strange bunch – the leader is supposed to be a Vampire called Deintalos, who dabbles with the forbidden art of electrical necromancy, (or the ‘force motive’ as the fluff refers to it), so he got exiled from the big Death place in AoS. So we’re kinda aiming for a Vamp/Steampunk/Victoriana/Frankensteiny vibe I guess? It’s a strange mix of influences, but see what you think:

Hmmm… He’s a nice enough mini I guess, but he’s just a bit… bland. I think the confused and confusing background is a factor here, as it makes it a bit… conflicted? The severed hands motif works for a necromancer for example, but not so much for a pioneer in the forbidden exploration of la force motive… And why does he have some dude’s face stapled to his face? Or is it a mask? Who knows!

Painting-wise, I settled on a faded yellow for the primary colour – no particular reason, other than I like yellow and it works well with the bruised purple of the severed hands. I’m quite pleased with the electricity effect on that staff topper too.


Next, we have 4 electro-zombies:

These Zees are nice enough minis, and I quite like the electro-doodahs sticking out of their tortured flesh – unlike their master, the theme of these minis is very clear!

Unusually for Zombies, I wanted to go for a uniformed look with these guys – I just got the vibe that, as a gentleman inventor, Deintalos wouldn’t go digging for corpses when he likely has perfectly good house staff to hand. With that in mind, I stuck with the yellow, but just made it a bit dirtier.

Next is Deintalos’ apprentice Marcov, and his zombie bodyguard:

Again, these minis are nice enough, and while I can get onboard with the not-Igor apprentice, the not-electro bodyguard is a bit random. As with the leader, this bit of the warband is just a bit confused, and I think I would prefer to have another couple of electro-zees than these two randoms. Still, it is what it is, and they got painted up in the same way.


Last, but by no means least, I finally got around to painting the 3D print that my pal Mikko produced for the Ghost Archipelago weekender over in Dublin last Easter. The event was titled ‘Dire Straights’, so with some top punning, this guy was christened ‘Dark Knopfler’:

Dark was great fun to paint, and I’m really pleased with how he came out – the OSL was particularly fun!

I even managed to fit in a little nod to the event location on his tiny, tiny map:


Here’s a final Halloween group shot:

The Exiled Dead are so eclectic that Dark Knopfler fits right in!


That’s all for now folks, it’ll be back to Realm of Warcry for my next post – we have a Halloween-themed game tonight so I’ll report on that, plus new month means I can go paint a new section of the Warband!! I think I’ll tackle the Rotmire Creed :-)