Greetings Terrans, how goes it? As promised, it’s a Realm of Warcry post this week – I was planning on tackling the Rotmire Creed, but November is already looking tight for time so I did the less numerous Beastman portion of my warband instead. I also managed to get a game in, but annoyingly failed to roll up any new followers again… (However, I did murderise a gazzilion Zombies, earned me some sweet sweet Chaos Armour & a spooky Halloween amulet of protection, and one of my Orcs got promoted too, so I can use that lovely store birthday model I shared a few weeks back, so still a great outcome).

Anyway, let’s take a look at the Beastmen. I managed to roll three and two back when the warband was created, so I’ve lumped them together for a total of five Beastmen. I decided to go for Ungors as a cheap option to pad my warband & went with three spears & two archers as a nod to my original roll and to give me some options at range. One of them also got the waband banner:


I used a few spare Rotmire bits to hopefully tie these guys in with the humans, and I used yellow as a spot colour to link them back to the Orcs from last month. There are a couple of light mutations in there too, but nothing too overbearing I hope. Here’s the gang so far – see what you think:

Paint-wise, I added more yellow to Morbin’s beard just prior to this pic, and ‘m really pleased that the yellow is managing to bring them together and look like a cohesive whole. I’m really happy with the banner too – I wanted to reference Morbin’s ‘Biting Tongue’ mutation, and I reckon that might be what he is mutating into under his helm!


I also knocked together a bonus Gor (aka a ‘big Beastman’) just in case one of my lil’ Beasties gets all heroic or something:

Hmmm…. I’m not in love with this guy to be honest, and he might get filed under ‘could do better’, but he’s ok I guess. He’s based on a Plaguebearer body with lots of poor quality oversculpting, and is just a wee bit messy really.


Anyway, that’s it for this week, catch you all later!