Greetings Terrans, and sorry it has been such a long time posting this, truth is, I just haven’t felt like painting much. I’m pretty busy, but when I’m not, I’m struggling to find much motivation to paint & am generally having a bit of a dry patch in terms of motivation for the hobby. I have also been having a good clear out of my hobby stash – several boxes of plastic have been gifted on to fellow hobbyists in the area – I had been storing them for years, waiting for that ‘one day’ project that I know will never come. I will be doing a similar thing with some of my lead pile in BOYL this year, so if anyone fancies some freebees, come and see me on the Saturday!

Anyway, all this ennui will pass, and this last weekend was quiet enough that felt able to sit down and push some paint around. I looked through my Primed pile, grabbed a few minis that were earmarked for my Nurgle RoW Warband & got on with it. Most are still half painted, but I did finish this big fella:

Wow, what a mini. I picked up this resin gem a while ago & have been looking forward to and dreading painting it in equal measure. There is a lot going on here, and it’s quite an intimidating piece to tackle. That said, once I got started, it was actually pretty straight forward, with lots of fleshy areas to play with. I didn’t want to do any converting here – mainly because I reckon it’s a great model as-is, but also I’m always a bit wary of faffing around too much with resin. As is now usual for me, I used Contrast paints to block out the main areas before shading & then highlighting back up with ordinary layer paints. I went back in for another round of finer shading & highlighting, and generally messed around for a while before calling it done. Here’s a few closeups of the head and face, including the lil’ critters living in it’s hair:


I’m pretty chuffed with how he turned out, and am certainly feeling a bit more motivated to paint again after getting such a big model ticked off the to-do list. Hopefully more Nurgly goodness to follow in the near future!