Greetings Terrans, how goes it? I’ve been working to get more paint time in lately & have been making good progress on some Chaos reinforcements for my Nurgle warband, but I did propel this one guy to the front of the queue last week:

This is ‘Robo Knopf’, the Dire Straights themed mini that Mikko printed out for us all to commemorate the Stargrave weekend. He’s a really characterful sculpt that fits right in with the Stargrave vibe, so I painted him in the same lime green with red/cream chequered accent that I used for my Stargrave warband:


Here he is with ‘Dark Knopfler’, the event mini from last year:

Thanks Mikko, a lovely mini to represent a superb weekend!!

Looking forward to seeing what mini & pun you come up with next year :-)