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Hello folks, another quick update for you. I took delivery of 6 mighty fine artillery pieces from Curious Constructs yesterday – what a lovely bit of kit! I couldn’t resist getting stuck in so the Scions didn’t get much of a look-in last night. Here are some WIP shots:

2014-07-08 21.39 (1) 2014-07-08 21.39 (3) 2014-07-08 21.39 (4)

I’ve included some of my Praetorian gunners to give you an idea of scale – you can see that the guns are big beasties, but very, very cool. I went for the not-lascannon option, but magnetised the gun so I can swap out as required (I got the kit with options for a machine gun, twin cannon and some really funky electro-zap gun thingy).

In terms of quality, these kits are spot on. Just some minor clean-up required and some of the gun shields needed a run under the hot tap so I could bend them to shape, but really nothing major. This level of quality certainly bodes well for the current CC/Zinge kickstarter. Apparently the new kickstarter guns will be fully interchangeable with these batteries, so this really is a one-stop shop for all your heavy firepower needs!