Just a quick update today – The Curious Constructs/Zinge Kickstarter is live, and is already funded! Clearly this is a popular choice! I have my pledge in and am looking forward to seeing what else Zinge and Colonel Gravis come up with. There is still plenty of time to get on-board with this one, the project should be ready by December, so this is the perfect opportunity to get some early Christmas shopping done! Well, that’s how I justified it anyway… I’m just being organised dear!

On the painting front, I managed to get a bit of go-forward on my Scions over the weekend, and I now have five lasgun blokes completed:

2014-07-06 23.14.28

Next on the painting list is more Scions – a couple of Sgts and some special weapons so I can field two squads, (or one bigger one). I also have my 2nd ever game of 7th ed. booked for tonight, against my pal Mr. B and his Space Mareeeens!!! I plan to take some pics and make an attempt a battle report… :-S