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Hello chaps, just a quick post to let you know about a new release of some excellent Guard compatible weapons from Victoria Miniatures:

Victoria Miniatures

I think that the plasma rifle in particular is a lovely looking bit of kit – very steampunk to my eye, and I definitely need these in my life. I’ve ordered 4 packs of 5… there’s no kill like over-kill in the Guard. VM is also working on a lovely looking main battle tank, (which will be a shoe-in for the Russ in any WWII, Steampunk or alternative Guard army), and we can look forward to what I assume will be a wheeled conversion kit for a certain fugly Ball-aux APC… Very excited about this… I want muchly.

This won’t be my first purchase from VM, I used Victoria’s Victorian Guard parts to make up my all of my Grenadier Veterans, (with some help from Curious Constructs carapace armour, a few bits & bobs and some Forgeworld plasma). I may well be revisiting these guys and swapping out the Forgeworld guns for the new Plasma Rifles – I’ve always felt that the FW parts looked a little bit out of place if I’m honest:

Grenadier plasma-vets0.021 CCS 1 0.022 CCS 2

The quality of Vic’s work is superb and well worth a look… I hope that my painting doesn’t disguise that fact!