Hello all, I’m back off my holidays, and already it doesn’t feel as if I’ve been away! I must admit, it has been nice to get away from it all for a while, but I still managed to get some hobby done :-)

First up, I decided to take some paints and models on my holidays. These are a bunch of Praetorians, (and some Mordians with headswaps), that were undercoated, and I wanted to get the base coat on while enjoying the Dordoigne. It’s the first time I have painted alfresco, and can highly recommend it! I was sat on the deck of a chalet on the campsite, painting away and loving life. The light isn’t great for detail work, but no problem to put a basecoat on and get them tabletop ready:

2014-08-04 09.09.19

(I’ll get around to shading and highlighting them at some point, along with all the other Praetorians I have painted to the same stage :-/)

I also took an extra day off once back in the UK, ostensibly to get over the drive, but I also got some more work done on the next squad of knighly scions. I just needed to finish the basecoats and also managed to give them various washes for shading. Just a bit of highlighting to do and these guys are done, so I can get on with the building the next squad:

2014-08-04 16.00.33

I even managed to squeeze in a game last night – Guard vs. Guard, 1500 pts of Maelstrom mayhem. My pal Tom and I only managed 3 turns due to club hours, the masses of models involved, and the volume of firepower that was dished out… I’ll get around to writing a battle report, but in a nutshell, we ended with a highly entertaining draw. Oh, and I want a Manticore…


On other news, both of the kickstarters that I am supporting are doing well, hitting stretch-goals left, right and centre.

Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke

Curious Constructs/Zinge

Highlights for me are the ‘Brown Note’ gun from Infamy, and the Doomsday Missile from CC. The Doomsday Missile is just too cool – these will make an excellent stand-in for the Deathstrike launcher for my Praetorians ;-)


As for the Brown Note? Well… for those that don’t know, brown note is an alleged frequency that makes you involuntarily poop yourself… now, consider the reputation for monkeys flinging poop… with me so far? The insane genius of Infamy has turned these two seemingly unrelated pieces of information into a 2-chimp fire team… one fires a sonic shit ray, and the other hoovers up the resulting turds, and then fires it… gloriously bonkers.



Finally, my plasma guns arrived from Victoria Miniatures, and they are every bit as good as they look. I can feel another squad of plasma-vets coming along in the near future. I also have a pre-ordered Stormclaw boxed set to pick up from the local GW shop, and I have a Gorkanought to build with my son over the holidays!! Phew! Busy busy busy!