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Hello chaps, just a quick one today – I wanted to share some pictures of some upcomming Steampunk-esque releases that have really got me excited!

First up, some news from the ‘Infamy – welcome to the big smoke’ KS. It’s been a quiet few weeks for Infamy, but yesterday we got to see some new sculpts for the Peelers (or good old British Bobby!). I think that this one is exclusive to the KS, and that makes me so happy that I bought in becuase, I love this guy :-)   There is also a version with a riot shield which is equally awesome… Wadda you guys think?



Second thing I want to flag is the preview of the new ‘Solar Auxilia’ sculpts from the Forgeworld Horus Heresy range… I don’t usually get too excited by this stuff tbh… sure, the FW sculpts are amazing (and should be for the price!), but nothing they are producing really hits the spot for me in terms of what I am doing. However…. the Solar Auxilia preview does have me very interested – I think that they are really cool sculpts and they just scream steamy goodness to me. There is a ‘king of the rocket men’ vibe about them that I absolutely love…

Solar Auxilia

It will be interesting to see if any vehicles and support options come out for the Solar Auxilia range – if so, this has the potential to be a rich picking ground for any steampunk/VSF themed force. Meanwhile, my mind is already racing to figure out how to get some of these guys in with my Praetorians – tool them up with Melta for some Vet tank hunters perhaps, or they would look awesome with flame throwers… Any suggestions?