Well, it has been two weeks, and I managed to work my way through the guys that I have had basecoated for over six months. A quick rummage through the army case produced 17 chumps in this state, plus a Master of Ordinance and Commissar conversion. They’re an eclectic bunch, but here they are:

2015-02-04 00.51.28

And here are some close-ups of the Commy & MoO (plus a dude with a pipe, because in the grim darkness of the far future, pipes are still cool). There is still some detail work to do on the characters, (the map, telescope thingy and the commie’s book) but they are just about there:

2015-02-04 00.56.04

Now, I am conscious of the sheer amount of lead I have to get through, so I tried to speed up the painting process on this bunch. I used a palette and Lahmian Medium for the first time, which worked out very well. I also cut out a lot of the washes and highlight stages that I used on my first load of troops – I painted each guy with loads of stages last time, and it took farckin’ ages! I suppose my painting has come on a bit as well, so I seem to be able to get through them a bit quicker now. I’ll do a side-by-side comparison at some point, and see how my efforts compare, but the next job is to get another 10 man prepared and paint through February.

In other news, repeat attempts to have a game with my pal Jim have failed – man-flu and work are to blame here. The good news is that I remain undefeated for 2015! ;-) Also, I was very excited to see the Harlequin releases from GeeDub… I was captivated by these deadly space clowns way back in the day, and I still have some of the original lead miniatures squirrelled away somewhere – probably enough to run a squad if I fancied it! Anyhow, the new lot are stunning models, but I will resist the temptation…(although I may pick up the codex that is allegedly due…).

Finally, Forgeworld are working on what look to be Heresy era Ogryns… this teaser is sweet – finally, an Ogryn model that I actually like!!! I’m thinking Heresy, because they do look a lot like the (frankly awesome) Solar Auxilia range, though they could be AdMech as well… Either way, I’m excited!

New FW Ogryn


Until next time!