As mentioned yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to do a side by side comparison of the same models attempted at different times and with a slightly different approach. I went through the army case yesterday and did just that, and the results were quite surprising! The picture below shows the differences (and similarities) between three distinct ‘phases’ of building my collection:

2015-02-04 18.54.25

The chap on the left was one of my first attempts to paint a mini for almost 20 years… it was also the first time I had shaded with wash, and highlighted up through multiple tones to get that orangy look on the red tunic, but I remember struggling with the legs. I was really chuffed at the time, (and still am!), but the shiny effect from the wash does bother me, (especially on the black bits), as does the patchy effect on the trousers. The face is a bit heavy handed as well.

The second model was probably done about six months or so after the first, and is very similar in most respects, but is a bit tidier in the trouser department (ffnar), and less shiny on the black areas. I am also much happier with the face, (though it is a non-GeeDub head, so is a bit sharper in the detail).

The third guy is the most recent, and the main difference is the finished tone due to a reduced set of highlighting steps and absence of any washing. This does give a flatter effect, particularly noticeable on the tunic, which has a much more purply tone to my eye. But… I think he also looks less cartoony and more natural as well. I’m not entirely sure which ‘version’ I prefer… I think number 2, but the speed of panting for number 3 was much quicker, looks more natural, and he is perfectly serviceable IMO…


This next photo is a straight up last attempt vs. early attempt shot that again shows the tonal difference in the tunics & trousers, but I wanted to include this more to show the differences in the flesh areas. The newer model (on the left) is to my mind a much better example, especially on the face, although the highlighting on the clothing does look a bit under-done in comparison:

2015-02-04 18.49.41

Of course, the most important thing for any army is that it looks cohesive… I think that I am in good shape in that regard. It is actually quite surprising how similar these efforts are, though I think I will revisit the latest batch and just add that extra highlight to the tunics.

Anyhow, I hope you found that little meander interesting – I know I did! I would be very interested to find out what others think, which ‘version’ you guys prefer, or if you have any similar experiences or insights!