Hello folks, a quick post today before signing off for a week of R&R. One of the options for my next painting project is this motley crew of old Rogue Trader space pirates – a nostalgic little collection of old-school misfits if ever I saw one:

2015-04-01 23.24.32

My plan is to use them as conscripts for my Praetorians, but what would their background be? Unfortunately, GeeDub squatted the Praetorians entirely… there is no reference to them anywhere in recent texts, but thanks to the dedication of a certain Col. Gravis, (Praetorian hero and all-round good egg), we do have some fragments of text from the late 90’s:

Praetoria is a heavily populated Hive World that lies in a system close to the Imperial naval base at Bakka. The overpopulated Hive-Cities of Praetoria are renowned for their squalor and degradation, and produce some of the toughest gangers on any of the hive worlds in the Imperium. This vast population work as little more than slave-labour in the huge factory complexes of Praetoria, producing the goods that have made the planet (and its rulers) one of the richest in the Imperium, with a huge fleet of merchant craft that trade all over the Segmentum and beyond.”

So… Praetoria is a hive world – a tough and uncompromising environment that breeds tough individuals. This gives me the perfect background to include a mob of hive-gangers conscripted into the 215th to act as ambulatory bullet-stoppers and general chaff. My RT pirates fit the bill perfectly, but I need some help… The RT pirate range was released in 1988 and consists of 24 models… I’ve managed to round most of them up, but I’m missing 3 (number 400404, 400409 & 400420). Can anyone help me to source these guys? (sorry for the bad photo’s):

400404 400409400420

Wanted, dead or alive!

Just drop me a message if you (or anyone you know) have any of these guys kicking around and are prepared to sell :-)

Catch you all later dudes!