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Happy Monday chaps and chapesses, another quick post today – it has been quiet week on the hobby front, (away for a couple of days last week, and working all weekend), but I did manage to rattle out a couple more pirates. Mr. Purple Hair got the dark skin tone using the recipe I mentioned last time, and I experimented with Mr. Gym Queen to try and get a more Mediterranean/North African look. I went with Bugmans Glow up to Cadian, and then a light wash with Agrax to tone it all down and help to blend it all together before going to town with the tattoos. He’s paler than the other guy, but he came out a bit darker than I was aiming for… that said, I’m quite happy with how he looks:




And here’s the whole motley crew so far… (still looking for ideas for a name dudes!):



I also got started on another BadWolf… meet Sten, the Wolfguard Sergeant:



I’ll progress this guy over the course of the week, and then I have something pretty cool in mind to try after that. I don’t want to give too much away at the moment, but it’ll be a real oldschool/newschool fusion as I try to bridge my current craving for the Oldhammer and the Blanchesque…