Happy Monday folks, I’ve had a productive weekend on the hobby front and I wanted to share something a bit random with you, plus a cheeky WIP for my next little project (it’s a bit of a photo bomb today).

First up, we have an uncatalogued ”87 (I think) Jabberwock by Bob Olley, and what a beauty she is! I picked her up for a reasonable sum a few weeks ago, and she needed a good amount of clean-up work and restoration before painting – she had nasty claggy glue all over the place! Once cleaned, assembled and filled, I decided to try a very different painting approach with this old girl. She got a white undercoat and then I painted her with ink washes only, (though I did use ‘normal’ paint for the base, claws and the pupils of her eyes). I deliberately went for a naturalistic pallet of greens, browns and yellows, and I’m really pleased with the result. The plan is to use her as a GM controlled sump creature, Deathworld monster, or some other npc nasty:



I also couldn’t resist giving her a few more gribblys for company – 8 ‘Mesaan Grunts’ (from Hasslefree), very quickly painted up in the same way but done a little paler – Maybe they’re a clutch of frumious Bandersnatch?


She’s a big old girl!



Also, I got started on my latest little side project – I recently managed to get my hands on all five of the ’91 catalogue ‘tech gangers’ for Confrontation (early Necromunda)… Score! After looking through my leadpile, I decided to team them up with the old Titan ‘Princeps Seniores’ who came to me in a random pile of cool old-school minis – a most excellent birthday present from a good pal, (thanks Ross!). Most of the minis are metal bodies only, so I went to town with arms & weapons from some of the new AdMech kits. The only cutting needed was on the Princeps to make the backpack/harness fit, plus he got new legs… magic legs!


I intend to add to this collection to make a decent sized group, though I’m not fully settled on the fluff… The minis have a lot of Imperial iconography that I didn’t want to damage, so I need to factor that in… maybe some kind of Imperial sanctioned salvage team? That would certainly give this little crew plenty of excuses for getting up to mischief! Oh, and I’m thinking an industrial orange for the uniform…

Here are a few close-ups:


Questions and comments welcome as always!