Happy Monday folks, quick post today – I finished a test piece for my Confrontation Gangers… I went for the solid cast ‘leader’ model, figuring he’d be the easiest to strip if I didn’t like how he came out. Fortunately, I don’t think it’ll be necessary, as I am quite pleased with the result:


The photos don’t really do him justice, and I couldn’t be bothered to set it all up again, so here’s a quick sunny shot to give you a better idea of the colour scheme in brighter light:



I’ve also started working on a back story for these guys:

“The Agentia Scrutator, (Salvage Agents), are an obscure and secretive function of the Imperium which specialises in seeking out and claiming archeo/xenotech throughout the galaxy. They operate as part of the Ordo Xenos branch of the inquisition, and their mission is simple – reclaim alien technology in order to further the knowledge of their Inquisitorial masters, while keeping such forbidden technology from falling into the wrong hands.

The sensitivity of their function and the clandestine nature of their work gives these agencies a degree of discretion rarely seen in the Imperium, and Scrutators tend to be independent and resourceful individuals who form tightly knit teams of technical experts. Such teams also tend to be highly proficient in combat – the technology they seek is often incredibly valuable and their missions regularly bring them into conflict with other treasure hunters, both alien and human.

Such mundane conflicts are to be expected, but sometimes the Scrutators also find themselves in contention with agents of the Adeptus Mechanicus – a much more sensitive and difficult proposition. No two Mechanicus exploratory teams are the same, and the outcome of such a meeting is hard to predict. At best, the two parties share a tacit and pragmatic acknowledgement of each other – either avoiding conflict, or even assisting each other in rare cases. However, some Explorators see the activities of the Scrutators as blasphemy against the Omnissiah… contact with such zealous members of the Mechanicum is almost certain to end in bloodshed – a dangerous prospect which invariably creates tension between the Priesthood of Mars and the Inquisition.”


Thoughts and comments welcomed as always :-)