Happy Monday chaps, another quick post from me this morning – I got a few more civilians completed and ready to share with you. Firstly, we have my OSL experiment – he got tweaked slightly and had his base finished off, but otherwise the same details as last week.

Secondly, we have another Colony87 icon bearer – I went ahead and did a bit of converting on this model, seeing as he was a duplicate. His staff head is from the Scions kit, and the head was replaced with the top dome of an AdMech Ruststalker. I like how it turned out – there’s quite a cool, generic sci-fi vibe going on here… a little bit R2D2, a little bit Dalek… strangely, also reminds me of Princes Leia when she’s disguised as the bounty hunter in Jaba’s palace… maybe that’s just me, but anyway, she’s is now a she in my mind :-)

Finally, we have the last Colony87 miniature from the set. I reverted to my House Malocchio colour scheme for this guy, and, as with all the range so far, he was a joy to paint. I started to think of him as an apothecary of some sort some way through the painting, so he’s now serving as the family doctor. Here’s some pics:



The three new additions together



The Colony87 set together (Slann painted for my RogueQuest party)



Imperial Scribey types chillin’ in the hood, reading and ting



Hraxi Jonas and Short-Round meet with a mysterious outlander…


So, that’s it for now chaps, I have a few more civvies on the paint station, and then I’ll be moving on to something else… not sure what yet!