Hello chaps, just a quick post from me, as I am a happy chap today – I managed to get back on to figures following my recent exertions on various items of scenery! I have a selection of minis set aside to act as a Planetary Defence/local constabulary/Imperial Guard squad. They are quite an eclectic bunch that cover a range of collections, including Mercs, Adventurers, Paranoia and Chainsaw Warrior, so I need to make sure I tie them together with a strong colour scheme. With that in mind, I quickly painted up a test piece yesterday and posted it on the OldHammer Facebook group for feedback. Happily, the feedback was positive, so this is the scheme I will be taking forward:


The mini is ‘Spaced-dout Sam’ from the ’87 RT Flyer – I think the sculptor was Naismith but might have been the Perry Twins, (please comment below if you know for sure!). This dude also appeared as ‘Imperial Heavy Infantry’ and ‘Imp Guard w. Autogun’, so he’s quite a flexible chap. He was a joy to paint – a nice clean sculpt with loads of surface area for RT-esque detailing… Lovely.

I’m going to crack on with the rest of his team over the next couple of weeks before I take on something a little bit special… more on that later in the month ;-)