Happy Monday dudes, I’m happy to show off my now completed Navigator today – her chair is now finished, and the whole piece has come together quite nicely I think. I continued with the theme of an opulent gold and lacquer effect on the chair, and combined this with a weathered and tired look for Jarno, (the servitor skull), and the other mechanical parts, (though the guns look well maintained!). I’m happy with how the purple, black and yellow/gold all came together on the final piece, and I’m particularly pleased with the creepiness of Mezura herself. I intended her to have a Geisha vibe, but she also has elements of clowns and dolls – this is good, because I find all three of those things disturbing! That said, I’m hoping that the juxtaposition with the takuhatsugasa-hatted porters brings her back towards the idea of a Geisha, and that the pseudo-Japanese theme that I was shooting for comes through:




I also took a bit of time to bash together a very quick flying base for the chair! While the piece was in bits for painting, it occurred to me that a Navis Nobilite would certainly be wise to have an escape plan – just in case the palanquin got mobbed, or some other situation arose that required a burst of speed… The porters are eminently disposable in this situation :-)



So, there we go – that was a fun and interesting little side project! I have a few more minis that are undercoated and ready for a lick of paint as and when, but my next big effort is going to be in the direction of a Frostgrave warband… watch this space :-)