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Happy Monday chaps and chapettes, it has been a while but I have some updates for you :-)  I have been busily basecoating and shading my Frostgrave warband since my last post – I was racing to get them somewhat ready for the table-top, but I had nothing complete to share with you as a result. Happily, that process was finished on Friday, and I got a couple of minis properly finished over the weekend.

First up is my Shaman apprentice – Cadillac (again, the name is ‘borrowed’ from the Amtrak Wars series):


I have to say, Caddy is one of my favourite conversions – the composition is very pleasing, and I’m really chuffed with how he turned out. I used the same colours for his warpaint as I did for his teacher Mr Snow.

Secondly we have my Barbarian – Steel-Eye:


I’m less pleased with this guy if I’m honest – the pose isn’t quite ‘there’ in my opinion, but he’ll do the job. I introduced some blue into Steel-Eye’s warpaint… in fact, I am thinking of using the colour to identify the different classes… As the preeminent warrior, this guy got some fairly extensive warpaint, but the thugs will probably be lower key. Plenty of blood spatter going on here as well – I reckon that huge chainsword would make quite a mess… ;-)

Oh, and here’s a group shot to date:



…and that’s as much as I have managed to do so far – comments and feedback are always welcome and gratefully received :-)  The rest of the warband just need highlights and detail, so I should be getting through them at a fairly rapid pace from here on in… I’ll keep you posted!