Hello folks, just a quick note to confirm that a) I’m not dead, incarcerated, abducted, ill or awol, and b) I haven’t burned my brushes in some spectacular artistic rage-quit tantrum. No, I’m afraid that my recent lull has a far more mundane explanation – my house is a building site at the moment, and 40% of it is out of action so I have nowhere practical to paint or model. That, and a sudden influx of OU work has effectively seen me cease any meaningful hobby time. Is it fun? Hell no, but it isn’t permanent either, and all things pass with time.

I’m really looking forward to the building work finishing soonish and picking up where I left off – assuming I can remember which end of the brush to hold! Meanwhile, I continue to follow those blogs that I enjoy & so get my hobby kicks vicariously for a while, (and boy, is there some great stuff going on out there!). Keep on trucking peeps, I’ll catch you on the flip-side.