Happy Friday folks, it has taken longer than anticipated, but my Barbarian village from Scotia Grendel is finally finished! They are pretty much stock apart from the addition of a few 40k bits and bobs here and there – I’m pretty chuffed with how they came out. Here’s a photo dump of the whole lot, plus a few bods to give you an idea of scale:



^ 2 sets of ‘Chieftain’s hut with storage tent’, plus the previously completed Elephant skull temple thing in the top photo


^ 2 sets of Barbarian Huts


^ The whole village together

That is quite a set of themed scenery there! I’ve got a ton of ideas on how to tie this lot in with scenarios – I think they work really well with my techno-barbarians as the occupants, but they also lend themselves nicely to Orks (of which I have many awaiting paint!). They would work well for the Book of the Astronomican campaign ‘Wolftime’, as well, don’t you think? Hmmm…. Now that would be a good one to tick off the gaming bucket list! I might even get some 28mm scale dinosaurs to complement the set, get a bit of a pulpy game organised…  Many many options :-)

Anyway, I’m glad to have these off the painting desk – I’m aiming to tackle my version of Mean-Machine over the bank holiday weekend, plus I have the start of a new Frostgrave campaign booked in for Saturday night. Hopefully I’ll have an update early next week! Peace out dudes :-)