Greetings crypt dwellers – welcome to the final installment of my little undead side project! To recap, the range is (mostly) non-human undead – this post covers the last three pairs of ‘goodie’ zombies (Halfling, Dwarf and Amazon). Again, quick ink wash paint jobs.

First up we have the ‘Amazon Zombie’ by Nadrav Igra. I really like this big old gal – she’s a bit two dimensional, but the detail is really very nice around the face, and especially the armour on the neck and stomach (not sure if the photo does this one justice):



Next we have the ‘Halfling Zombie’ by Brian Cooke. Not a bad little fellow – the shiv is a bit weird, as is the lolling tongue, but I actually quite like this little guy:



Finally, we have the ‘Dwarf Zombie’ by Bob Olley. Again, this is classic Bob – big head, and loads of gribbly detail around the face. As with his skeletal compadre, this guy also comes up a bit big within the context of the group, but he’s pretty darn cool:



And here’s a little group shot with the dupes:



And a couple of shots of the whole group together – that’s 30 undead of various sorts, by 8 different sculptors, covering 8 different races! Quite the shambling horde :-)



So that’s it for this post, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little dip into the world of fantasy undead! My next post will be a bit more ‘typical’ for me – I have a fun little cross-over project in mind, where I’ll be revisiting one of my favourite pieces and expanding the idea with both RT and Frostgrave in mind… tick-tock, tick-tock ;-)