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Greetings mortals! I’m happy to report that my latest little side project is complete – an additional three ‘tick-tock men’ to join the one I put together last year. I’ve been meaning to get around to doing more of these for quite a while, as they are quite a versatile little mini. Firstly, the weapon loadout is such that they can stand in for counts-as Kastelan Robots in modern 40k. Secondly, they work for Rogue Trader as a table-top, (robot maniples of four), and as a more narrative driven game. Thirdly, they work perfectly for Frostgrave constructs – particularly the four ‘fire-throwing medium constructs’ needed for the final scenario in Dark Alchemy… All in all, quite a versatile little group!

I followed the exact same build and paint scheme as for the first one, (although, I do seem to have weathered the newer three more extensively in places). This was a bit of a challenge, as three of the group all share the same base mini. I put slightly different arms on one, and applied some heavy battle damage/repair to the other to differentiate them a little. So here they are – the three new ones and the original at the end for comparison:







And here they are as a group, with Techpriest Schlan acting as Datasmith:




I think these gangers are bang in trouble!



So there we go folks, I hope these tickled your collective fancies. Next on the bench is a little something for Dreadtober – not that I’m taking part per se, but it’s a good excuse to tackle a project I have been mulling over for quite a while. Here’s a sneaky peak – see if you can guess where this is going:


And no, it ain’t a Sentinel – nothing that obvious my friends ;-)