Greetings fellow humans, two posts in a week eh? Well, I need some advice – I’m a bit excited, but also need a sanity-check, because my Dreadtober effort has hit that ‘is this working or not‘ point. I think it is going ok, but I want to share a few WIP shots with you & sound you worthy specimens out. I’ve taken some liberties in the definition of ‘Dreadnought’, and assumed that a Dread-sized robot counts, (though this would works as a ‘Dread, an exo-suit, or whatever). I have one built, and another in progress – this is where we are today:


I really hope that the inspiration behind this is clear, but if not, you need to check this out… do it now people – you have 20 seconds to comply.

(Dakka dakka dakka!!! Poor Mr. Kinney) Better? Good :-)

I have to admit, ed209 was the very first thing that popped into my brain when I saw the gun arms on the Kastelan robot kits, and I’ve been planning this idea over ever since. I haven’t seen anything in this vein on the interwebs, and I’m actually really surprised about that… I mean, those guns are just perfect, right? A bit of fettling with the Sentinel legs and some jiggery pokery with the Kastelan body gave me what I consider to be a reasonable approximation of everyone’s favourite Enforcement Droid… Here are a few more angles for you to consider:



Ok, so I know it isn’t an exact replica of ed209 – the canopy is too small, the legs are a bit skinny front on, and there is too much going on up top to be considered a faithful reproduction… I think that there is a touch of the classic Space Crusade Chaos Dreadnought in there as well(?), but hey, this is the grim dark future after all…

That said, I’ve deliberately avoided any obvious Imperial iconography, so no skulls, eagles or other Gothic jizz-jazz. I may play around with some Kastelan armour on the legs to smooth them out and beef them up a bit from the front, and I’m toying with the idea of shortening the upper arms a bit, but I think that the essence of ed209 is in there… What do you folks think? Am I barking up the right tree here? You know the score peeps, comments & feedback are always welcome… you now have five seconds to comply :-)