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Greetings fellow primates, hope you are well! Thank you to all those who provided constructive feedback on my latest little project – you’ve all helped me to spot the little areas for improvement, and made the end result much better than it would otherwise have been, so thank you :-)

So just for the sake of completeness, here are my ed209s, built and undercoated, (I’ve photographed them with my PD guys to give you an indication of how I’ll be painting them up):



I also had time to do a little scenery thing over the weekend – some fire/explosion markers for the final game in the Frostgrave Dark Alchemy expansion. These were super quick, easy and fun to do – it is just strips of cotton wool superglued to the base of one of those cheap flickering tea light thingies, a dab of PVA glue to hold the tops of the strips together, and a quick squirt of black spray. So simple, but so effective – here are a few pics of them in various states:





It took about five minutes per marker, cost me next to nothing to produce, and look pretty darn good – even if I do say so myself! I’m playing that final Dark Alchemy game with my Brother-in-Lead on Wednesday night – hopefully my tick-tock men and fire markers will look the part on the table, and fingers crossed that I can avoid getting my wizard killed/maimed/burned/exploded! (d20’s can be such a cruel mistress)…