Ahoy! A quick post from me this fine morning… So, you know that thing that happens, where you casually take a look at an upcoming campaign and realise that there is a load of stuff that you neeeed but don’t have? Well, that happened to me with the Frostgrave ‘Thaw of the Lich Lord’ book… There are a few bits and bobs to sort out, (cultists, Rangifers, a cart, a big cauldron, more undead, an ‘effing big bone wheel…), but one thing that really jumped out was the need for a frozen river – complete with ice-bound boats. Now, I don’t know about you guys & gals, but I don’t have any boats in my terrain collection… never needed ‘em, never even thought about it. Given how situational the need is, I wanted to do something fairly quick and low-cost. My little brain-box has been working over the challenge in the background, and I started to wonder how practical it is to build boats from scratch with stolen coffee stirrers… Turns out that it is absolutely practical:



Not bad for an essentially free piece of terrain, eh? I don’t know how accurate it is from a nautical perspective, but it ticks the box as a terrain item I think – a quick paint job, and this should be good to go :-)  I reckon that I need another three to five similar or smaller sized boats, and a larger one as the scenario centre-piece…  I’ll need to work these around other stuff as and when – my enforcement droids are nearly finished, and I have some new cultists that I am dying to paint, (these are going to be really special!), so it’s a case of best endeavours with this one…