Hi guys, I’ve put together a quick post to show how I go about building a boat out of coffee stirrers…  A few of you were asking, so  have at it – lots of pics, and not much words :-)

img_0882 Soak ’em


img_0883 Brace ’em


img_0884 Add boiling water & leave overnight, then pour the water away and leave the stirrers for a day to dry while braced in position


img_0885 Nice bend to them, still slightly damp


img_0886 Very flexible


img_0887 Braces glued on to form the sides


img_0888 Put them ‘back to back’ (braces out!)


img_0889 Cut the shape of the prow through both sides…


img_0890 so that it matches…


img_0891 Repeat at the other end


img_0892 switch the sides around and glue prow and stern


img_0893 Glue in some bracing – top…


img_0894 and bottom…   Let it all dry for a day or two


img_0900 Add planking (I planked the bottom on this one to make a rowing boat, but my first one had the planking on top to make a deck… your choice!)


img_0901 Add some bits…


img_0902 and some bobs!


There we go, I hope that makes the process a bit clearer. Obviously, this is just a very quick scenery project – the boats are not especially to scale, and aren’t highly detailed. This is a quick, low cost solution to address a particular need within a Frostgrave scenario, but this approach should also work for a range of games from fantasy, historical, pirates, whatever! I daresay that with more time, effort and skill, you could really create something spectacular… (Mikko, I’m lookin’ at you bud!)

Peace out dudes, catch you all at high tide!