Greetings Terrans, just a quick post from me today. I’ve got some more Eru-Kin painted up and off the to-do list – this time, it is a pair of the rather massive ‘Krug Troglodytes’, the heavy hitters of the Eru-Kin range:


Nothing fancy on the paint jobs – I had to get a hurry on, so they are mostly painted with ink washes, a light drybrush, and then some detail here and there, (aaaand I just realised that I forgot to do their eyes…)


I kept the skin dry-looking to suggest a more reptilian creature compared to the amphibious ‘wet-look’ I use for the Eru-Kin. I’ll use these as heavy shock troops in Rogue Trader, or as general monster material in other games. Here’s a comparison shot with some regular humans – you can see just how big these buggers are:


Their size actually meant that they jumped queue because they were taking up too much room in my ‘pending’ tray, but really I should’ve been working on the humans you can see above… I need them (and one other mini) finished for Sunday for something really really cool, but I’ll wait until next week to tell you about them in more detail… do feel free to speculate though ;-)