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So, the cat is out of the bag! Earlier this week, my fellow hobby-bro Mark over on Heresyofus broke the news about a little project that we’ve been working on – Stylites – a free game that accompanies some rather excellent terrain he is producing. We co-developed & wrote up the rules for a compact little ‘push your luck’ game, set in the insane Chapel, a setting that Mark has been developing in his own little corner of the grim-dark 41st Millennium. If you haven’t read Mark’s post, I suggest you do so immediately – it contains all the background, rules links, and a sweet competition for all you lovely folks to get involved with! Go on, read it now, I’ll wait…

Done? Ok, good. Exciting stuff, right? So a few weeks ago, I teased this chap & invited folks to guess what he’s all about:


Wudugast was spot on with his guesswork at the time, (he is clearly a warlock btw), but by now I hope that even the non-psykers among you will have figured out this is my Skull-Jacker. Those with really good memories may even remember Adask from my Ostium Guides short story from way back in March last year… TL;DR – Adask has a shit time trekking through the Albino Forest & ends up being stranded at The Chapel… Funnily enough, back then someone asked if the protagonist from that story was going to show up in the wider Chapel project at some point… That idea stuck with me, so I had Adask in mind when I build & painted my ‘Jacker.  Guess who asked that question btw… yep, it was Wudugast.  See? He’s is totally a warlock!

Anyway, here he is folks – Adask the Skull-Jacker, all painted up & ready to jack some skulls y’awl!


I’m really very pleased with the build and colour palette – he was great fun to paint! I was striving for ‘functional’ rather than militaristic, and, while there are no weapons, there is enough going on with the mini to suggest a very utilitarian existence. All the sticky-outy bits make him tricky to photograph, but I hope you’ll excuse the odd blurry limb here & there ;-)  I may go back and dirty him up a little at some point, but I’m happy with him as-is for now.

So, what’s next? Well, I’ll be expanding on my original Ostium Guides short story in due course, and moving the tale along to discover what happened to Adask after his abandonment at The Chapel. I’m also finishing up the four penitents that I teased earlier in the week… They are almost there, and should be ready for a photo-shoot game on Sunday… Exciting times! :-)