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Greetings Terrans, I trust this post finds you well. I have (yet) another new Wolf Time squad to share with you today – as the title suggests, this is one of the two Technician squads needed to run the campaign… The technician squads are actually a bit of an oddity in the campaign – one squad is modestly armed with Bolt Pistols and Swords, and only appears in game 1, while the other is fully tooled up with Plasma guns, Conversion Fields, Bolt Pistols and Swords!! Thankfully, (for the Marines), the Plasma-toting hombres only appear in game 2!

Anyhow, today, we’re only looking at the first squad. I deliberately picked out some of my more weird & wonderful minis, most of which have some technical vibe to them. Also, all the models in this unit are converted to some degree:



I went with a predominantly grey scheme for these guys, (because technicians), and I used blue as the squad colour. Also, they all have some small sample of the desert camouflage that I have used throughout the main body of the force so far, just to unify the army a little.

In other news, I have had a semi-productive week with the putty last week, and got 4 new power armour conversions underway. I’ve switched to Brown-stuff (rather than green), and invested in some clay shaping tools thanks to good advice from Jon ‘Axiom’, so the whole experience was way better than my first attempt. I even got a bit fancy with the stuff I was sculpting!



Still very much WIP, and waiting for Chainswords from my pal Mark @ heresyofus, but hopefully these give you an idea of where we are headed :-)

That’s all for now folks – more Teknishuns to follow!