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Greetings Terrans, how are we all? It’s another quick one from me today – I have (yet) another 5 Scumbos completed for the Wolf Time campaign, but firstly I wanted to formally issue my 2019 Fembruary Challenge! As with last year, I would like to propose that we make Fembruary a time of year for us to collectively challenge the male domination of our collections, and commit to painting some female miniatures for a change. Whatever female minis you have on the to-do list, I challenge you to bump them to number one in the queue for the month and get some paint on ‘em! Drop a link to your efforts in the comments of any of my Fembruary posts and I’ll curate a round-up in time for International Woman’s day on the 8th of March. Simples!

For my part, I’ll be working on a few Daughters of Khaine for the challenge, plus (hopefully) a piece of Necromundan royalty – a real ‘A’ list celebrity ;-)


Now, back to the Scumbos – here are the latest 5, (taking me to 20 done & 5 to go):


Really not much to say about these guys that I haven’t said before, but as with my last post, I’ve been busy pushing putty in the background & have some WIPs to tease you with. For the first time in one place, here are the 18 Power Armoured Guards that I need for the final scenario of the campaign, all in various states of readiness:


Impressive, no? The front four are the most finished, and should give a good idea of where I’m going with this piece of the project. As a side note, I think getting the hang of this sculpting business, but I didn’t want to attempt sculpting Chainswords – I thought that would be just too damn fiddly and time consuming, so I got me some suitable bits from Spellcrow and cheated ;-)


So, that’s about it for this post – still a fair way to go with this project, but the finish line is in sight for the Orcs… Exciting times!

Catch you all next time dudes :-)