Greetings Terrans, I hope this finds you all well in these increasingly bizarre and worrying times. I’ve got a bit of a photo dump to share with you today – as some of you figured out from my last post, I’ve started working on some old school Legion of the Damned, (first described in WD99 back in 1988), but re-imagined in new shiny Primaris-shaped plastic. Why Primaris? Because I have a metric ton of the smug little pricks from my Conquest subscriptions, and boy, am I glad of that! Can’t have too much to paint in these days of lock-down if you ask me…

Why Legion of the Damned? Well, because they are cool as hell, not pristine, not uniformed, and are about as (little ‘c’) chaotic as you can get without being (big ‘C’) Chaotic, and that suits my current state of mind just fine. Oh, and for the record, I know the LotD fluff moved on over various iterations of 40k, but I’m keeping it old school RT on this project – think ‘zerker zombies rather than the later spectrally flaming skellies version, ok?

That said, I am moving on from the whole historical ‘Fire Hawks lost in the warp’ schtick – I see this as a second occurrence of the LotD phenomenon, with modern Primaris that have been lost in the warp & thus I see these as being contemporary to the current 40k timeline and narrative. I think that this raises interesting questions about the events – a single event can be passed off as a freak occurrence, but two identical events? Unlikely…  It also raises the spectre of whether or not there is some design behind the LotD… It is described as a disease, so maybe it’s a Nurgle thing, or maybe one of the lesser chaos powers perhaps? I would love to think Malal is involved 😉

Anyway, here are my first efforts – a trio of… well, I’m not actually sure what hip and cool name GW gave them, but they are some kind of scouty recon types I think:






I’m pretty pleased with how they came out to be honest! They were a nice painterly challenge, not too fussy, and relatively quick to do… What do you guy think?