Greetings Terrans, how goes it? Well, it has been another glacially slow hobby period for me – not exactly idle such, but not much finished to show for it. I’ve been busily building, converting, basing and undercoating this little lot:

These are all the Primaris troops that I accumulated through Warhammer Conquest, and all are destined for my Primaris Legion of the Damned, ready for the new edition of 40k. Since finishing all the prep, I also managed to get some proper painting time in & came up with this squad:

I say squad – I’m assuming that they can be a squad because these dudes are all packing the assault-type ‘Auto Bolt Rifle’… because apparently there are three different types of Bolter now!! ☹

Unfortunately, I didn’t realise this with the first lot of LotD I built, so I have a bit of a hodge-podge of Bolter types to sort out down the road, but at least this little squad are ‘proper’. Here they are one by one:

Paint-wise, these are all really straight forward, with the free & messy paint style that I enjoy. I undercoat black, and then do a zenith blast of white followed by a heavy white drybrush. Armour is contrast black, leather is contrast snakebite, flesh is just washed in crimson. I add detail in pure white, and then stain with sepia, or with yellow & red depending on whether it’s bone or flame, (the flames are done wet & wet blended together). I then highlight these up a little with either bone or yellow, before I grubby up the armour with rust, virdigris, typhus corrosion, etc. Any bare skin is just highlighted up with Rakarth Flesh, and given some blue or purple wash in the recesses and to add veins etc. Pretty messy and fun! I can always do a tutorial if anyone is particularly interested.

Anyway, that’s it for this post – I’ll just be working through these guys for a while, so more LotD coming your way! Take it easy dudes – stay safe and all that.