Greetings Terrans! After an age without much to show, I’m feeling quite the productive little hobby unicorn this week, with not one, but two whole posts! Ok, so this post is near identical to the last one, but hey, painting squads is kinda like that. Here you go, another Assaulty-Bolter squad for my Legion of the Damned:

Slight confession – the dude 2nd from the left was already painted up from my initial start on the project back in April… He was the only one from back then with the ‘Auto’ flavour of bolt rifle, so I specifically made four more dudes to make up a squad. Here they are one by one:

And the dude from April:

Paint-wise these are painted in exactly the same way as before, so absolutely nothing new to report. However, while we are on the subject of painting, I will make my next post a tutorial type affair as I crank out a LotD Lieutenant… Not that I think it’ll be especially illuminating for such excellent hobbyists as frequent this shabby wee corner of the noosphere, but it might be slightly more interesting than ‘here’s a thing I painted – yes, it’s the same as all the other things I painted, blah blah blah’… at the very least, it’ll remind me how I painted said things when I next come back from a break 😊

Anyhow, that’s all for now – stay safe out there Terrans!