Greetings Terrans, how goes it? Here we are again with cheeky little LotD post for the weekend. First up is a dude with a Stalker Bolter… i.e. a longer ranged, harder hitting sniper variant, (you can tell by the scope, and by the squared magazine). I imagine this guy will be a Lieutenant, & that he’ll hang with a squad of Stalker guys so he can give them a reroll to, (I think), to wound:

Next up we have a converted Captain – one of two identical models that I ended up with. I’ll play him as per the base model, although his power sword has been swapped for a rather brutal looking Maul. I also re-posed the power glove, and obviously I’ve festooned the guy’s armour with skulls. This nicely changes the outline of the base model, and so does a great job of de-duplication:

In the fluff I have in mind, I imagine that these Primaris had a classic ‘lost in the warp’ experience, and that in their damning, they were beset by Daemonic attack over and over again. As such, Daemons & trophies thereof are going to feature here and there, and this is really the first expression of this idea. Ok, fine, so some of the skulls are Nids, but they can count as Daemons ok? 😉

And that’s it dudes, short but sweet! Stay safe 😊