Greetings Terrans, how goes it? Quick post today to share some incidental minis finished during my Fembruary efforts. You may remember this pair of female Zombies that I painted as part of the challenge:

Well, I couldn’t not paint the remainder of the set while I was at it, so here they are!

This is the second set of Karr-Keel zombies, (I painted the first set waaaay back in 2017), and like the first set, they were a joy to paint. The sculpting was done by none other than Kev Adams & the minis have all the humour & quirkiness you’d expect from the Goblin Master himself. I painted them in my usual non-fussy Zombie stylee – the minis are entirely done with washes, with the addition of some diluted Contrast paints here and there. I used base paints for the metals, and then technical paints were used for blood, gore, corrosion & Verdigris, and that’s about it! All in all, a very loose, quick and easy paint job, and all the more enjoyable for that.

Ok, so next up is a weird one – IRO has been asking people to post their favourite t-shirts in March… I think it’s creepy, but it’s IRO so whaddaya gonna do. Here’s my current ‘feeling crabby’ fave:

Aaaand that’s it for this post – the next one will be a similar affair with another February project expanded on, and maybe another t-shirt if the one I have in mind cycles through my pile of clothes.