Greetings Terrans, here’s another post about the never-ending tide of Conan ‘minis’ that I find myself strangely obsessed with of late. This time, and in a pleasant change from the massed rank and file, it’s a couple of characters, creatures & critters.

First up, we have this three-armed lump of weirdness – a Bone Golem:

This mini seems to have no golden angle, and is a bugger to photograph as a result. However, it looks better in hand (fnar fnar), and I kinda like it! He was a piece of cake to paint using Contrast paints & drybrushing, and I can see this cropping up in various settings, including Ghost Archipelago and Frostgrave.


Next we have this natty little demon type. He’s supposed to be an ‘Outer Dark Demon’, but I went for a more fiery colour scheme than the one suggested:

This was a fun little thing to paint using Contrasts and basic highlighting, and I’m happy to say that he has gone to a very good home with my Brother-in-Lead’s Son – hopefully inspiring the next generation!


Next I have a couple of gribbly critters painted up:

Nothing much to say here – nice simple paint jobs using mostly Contrast paints. These are super-useful in a range of settings, and I’m happy to have them painted!


Ok, so on to some characters – firstly, a rather grim-looking Necromancer:

Apparently, this guy is called Skuthus – a named ‘baddie’ in a draft Conan story from back in the day. Monolith had some eagle-eyed researchers that found reference to him & lifted the name for this character. He was lovely to paint – plenty of Contrasts used, plus highlighting in a more traditional sense. I also added some blood to his ‘skirt’, to make it look like flayed skin. He’ll be a nice leader for the Skellies & Mummies from the last two posts.


Next we have this crazy witchdoctor type:

This guy is another named character – the rather catchy ‘Zogar Sag’! I painted him with red skin to match the Picts that I shared with you back on the first post in this series – I used the same process as for them, i.e. a Contrast base coat with a more traditional round of highlighting. I also added some white warpaint to this dude, just to mark him out a bit from the burlier rank and file. As with Skuthus, I see this guy making a nice leader for the Pict faction.


Here is the whole group together(to give you an idea of scale:


In addition, (and after the photo above was taken), I finished up these rather fab hyenas:

These were lovely and easy to paint, and were finished in less than an hour with Contrast paints only. Again, these are a really useful bestiary item that will see a lot of use in many settings.

Anyhow, that’s it for another week – it’ll be back to more rank & file next week. Stay safe out there!