Greetings Terrans, I’ve been on a bit of a go-slow since my last post, but I did manage to paint up a couple of the character figures from the Monolith Conan set. First up we have this guy:

Apparently he is ‘Ageera the Witch-finder’ & was a really enjoyable paint. I used the opportunity to experiment a bit with the skin tone, working from Contrast Snakebite Leather, through to ‘Tau Light Ochre’ on the highlights. The remainder was pretty straight forward, but it all came together nicely I think.


Secondly, I finished this lass:

Unfortunately I can’t find any reference to who she is – I’m almost certain she is from the Conan set, but I’m damned if I can find her! (If anyone knows, please educate me in the comments below).

**Edit – I found her – she’s called ‘Gitara’**

I approached the skin in the same way as for Ageera, but I went an extra level in the highlighting & included some Cadian Fleshtone on the extremes. She has a bit of duck-face going on, but she was fun to paint, with the blending on the skin being the biggest part of the job. Obviously she’s pretty scantily clad – a bit tone deaf these days but she represents a literary depiction from a much earlier time. I’m not getting caught up in all that, and am just enjoying the painting for what it is… fair warning, there will be a few more models like this in the coming weeks.


And that’s it for this post – short but sweet! More characters to follow.