Greetings Terrans, I hope this finds you well. Happily, this will be my last post dealing with the unit-sized minis from the Monolith Conan game, and after those awful pirates last week, we’re definitely finishing on a high note! As an added bonus, this final lot are just 6 models in total – a welcome change to the 20+ strength units!

Ok, so first up, we have 5 of these guys:

They were nice minis to paint – a nice bit of detail & texture going on so Contrasts were effective. I don’t know what these guys are specifically, only that they are listed as ‘allies’.


This next guy is ‘N’Gora’ – he’s a named right-hand man for another character, (Bêlit – to be revealed at a later date):

Again, he was nice to paint up, and very similar to his pals in design and execution. I suppose if I’m being hyper-critical, it’s annoying that N’Gora is facing right when all his droogs are facing left, but that is a minor peeve. Here they all are together:


Finally, I had my gaming table set up over the weekend so I took advantage of the situation to set out all of my Conan mooks completed to date – what they lack in quality, they certainly make up for in quantity!


I’m going to ease back on the hobby over the next couple of weeks – work is crazy, and I need to recharge the old painting batteries a bit. Thankfully, it’s all Conan characters from here on, so I can just dip in and out as and when. Disclaimer: Some of the characters are very much ‘of their time’ – anyone who has read Howard, (or his entry on Wikipedia), knows that some of his views would be problematic today. In terms of minis, this is most clearly expressed in how some of the female characters are dressed – or not dressed, as the case may be.  Still, it is what it is, and I’ll paint them just the same.

Catch you all soon – stay safe.