Greetings Terrans, how goes it? Welcome back & good news – we are on the home stretch with the Conan kickstarter! Ironically, I’m finishing with the models that got me hooked on this project in the first place – the Monsters!!

Let me explain – I’d been looking for creatures with potential to crop up in games like Frostgrave & Ghost Archipelago, and there are a good few in the Conan KS that suited. Me being me, I knew I had to eat (i.e. paint) the vegetables (shit minis) before I could get on to the meat (good minis)… ok, so the metaphor is a bit weak, but you get my drift & so here we are, 5 months later and I’m finally getting stuck in to the Monster minis I wanted to paint all along. Let’s get started.

First up isn’t technically a monster (though having ridden one, I’m not convinced!):

The camel was included in the game as a bit of a joke I think, thanks to the infamous ‘Camel Punch’ scene in the Conan movie. It was a lovely thing to paint, with Contrasts making short work of the basecoating & ‘normal’ highlighting and shading doing the rest.


Next we have a beefy man/beast called ‘Thak’:

He’s a funny mini – the proportions are a bit iffy, but he is true to the book so we’ll let him off I think… Difficult to see what use he might be, but he was a nice paint & I’m glad to have him done.


Next up is this ‘Swamp Demon’:

I really like this mini – it was a doddle to paint with Contrasts & wet blending straight on the mini, followed by a quick drybrush & some tidy up… I honestly thing that it took about 15 minutes (not including drying time) – talk about low effort/high return!


Next we have this ‘Dark Demon’:

I’m not too pleased with how this fella came out – it’s a funny, lumpy thing & I tried for a ‘dark fate to purple’ vibe with it. I also experimented with the GW Gloss Nuln Oil, and I’m not hugely pleased with how it came tbh… that said, I don’t care enough to fix it either, so it is what it is.


Lastly, we have this imaginatively named ‘Gray Man-Ape’

He was good fun to paint – similar to the Swamp Demon, I wet blended on the mini, did some normal highlights on the black skin & drybrushed the rest… really simple and effective!


Here’s a final shot of all five together:


And that’s all for now – more monster madness to follow next week 😊