Greetings Terrans, how goes it? It has been a while since I last posted – again! Life continues to be busy, but at least half of that busy has been fun stuff, so I’m certainly not complaining… Last weekend was a belter, with the rescheduled Bring Out Your Lead event going ahead & then nipping into London on Sunday to see my wife complete her first official Marathon!

It was so good to see people up at BOYL – lovely to talk shit and throw a few dice, but mostly it was just brilliant to catch up and reconnect with so many hobby pals. Meanwhile I am soooo proud of my darling wife’s efforts – me and our youngest caught her at about mile 24 & it was lovely to see her face light up when she saw us. It’s a hell of a thing to do, and I’m in awe of her.

Anyway, back to Hyborian Age!

Here we have the imaginatively named ‘Giant Snake’:

Models like this are just perfect for Contrast paints & this model really didn’t take long at all, with lots of wet blending & drybrushing to make it pop. It is loosely based on a picture of an especially vivid Horned Viper that I found, and is perfect bestiary fodder.


With that in mind, and while I was feeling snakey, I grabbed this big fella from the Mythic Battles Pantheon box:


And this Nure-Onna from the Rising Sun game:

Both were great to paint – the big Mythic Battles dude is roughly based on a King Python, while the Nure-Onna is painted to match my Daughters of Khaine (and so is a bit plain!). Along with the Conan snake, this trio will be perfect for games like Ghost Archipelago & so on:


Finally, the Conan game came with a few objective tokens, so I based them & slapped on a super-quick paint job:

While I was a it, I did the same to a whole bunch of random objective/treasure tokens I had lying around:


So there we have it – a bit of an eclectic feel to things this week, but hopefully nice to see. Next week will be the FINAL CONAN model! Hopefully this last monster will be a joy for fans of H.P Lovecraft 😊