Greetings Terrans, I hope this post finds you all fit and well… Sadly, not the case for me – I’ve just pulled a +ve Covid test, despite being pretty damn sensible and being double-jabbed. I’m frustrated right now – not feeling too grotty but it’s a pain in the arse… Still, I suppose it gets it all out of the way before crimbo.

Anyway, enough of that – let’s get some minis on the scene! Last time we met Gorslav the Gravekeeper, and I promised some Zees for this macabre chap to hang with… strap in for some Zombie Spam!

These Zees are all quite clever little models – there are really two sets of five figures, but each but comes in two parts & can be built two ways… As such, you get 10 unique models, but they are unavoidably samey… Here they are in pairs (per the top bit):


Most of them only look interesting from one side, but that last pair is worth a reverse shot:


I put in more effort on these than I typically do for Zombies – not that I love the models, but I felt they kinda deserve a bit more than just the bare minimum effort, just by virtue of being part of such a nice set. I’m not a fan of the hunched over pose, or of all the guff they are carrying around on their backs… I get the whole ‘stake dem restless dead down boi!’ thing, but it makes the models fussy and awkward in my opinion. I would’ve preferred it if the set included the latest Zombie kit, but hey ho, I’ll live with it. In terms of painting, there really isn’t much to say that I haven’t shared before, so I won’t repeat myself.

Here’s a final shot with Gorslav hanging out with his pals:


And that’s all folks, I’ll catch you next time – not sure how much painting will get done now I’ve added Covid to the ‘to-do’ list, but I’ll try & keep chipping away at it here and there. Peace out.